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You can find out more about Landcare by visiting our Resource kit for Landcare page.

SEQ Catchments is excited to announce the refunding of the Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) project in SEQ by the Australian Government for a period of five years (2013-18). Apanie Wood has returned to the position of RLF and is looking forward to working with the Landcare community across SEQ. Apanie looks forward to providing SEQ farmers, land managers and community groups with quality training opportunities and information over this period. 

Regional Landcare Facilitator Activities

The Regional Landcare Facilitator carries out a number of activities to support the Landcare community and to promote sustainable agriculture to farmers and land managers across the region. This is achieved by;

  • Delivering information about new innovations in sustainable agriculture and best practice and facilitating the share of information across the region
  • Advising land managers and community groups of emerging issues and threats (e.g. weeds)
  • Improving the distribution of information regarding private and public funding opportunities for Landcare groups
  • Providing support to Landcare groups for workshops and training activities
  • Provision of training, information products and workshops for Landcare groups and landholders in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management
Keep a lookout on the SEQ Catchments events calendar for upcoming workshops and opportunities, and check out the regional 'Catching Up' newsletter for your area to find locally relevant information supplied by SEQ Catchments and the Regional Landcare Facilitator.

2013-2014 activities include:

  • Coordination of the Happy horses on healthy lands program: providing training opportunities and advice on sustainable horse property management
  • Weeds surveillance and management training to community group members
  • Sustainable grazing workshops for cattle properties
  • Sustainable agriculture information stands at Maleny Wood Expo and Brookfield show
  • Soil health days
During the first phase of the Regional Landcare Facilitator project (2010-2013), activities included:
  • Developed a 'Resource Kit for Landcare' where Landcare groups can access a comprehensive range of information relevant to Landcare from a centralised location
  • Property Management Planning workshops and development of Property Management Planning communication materials. 
  • ACDC Chemical Accreditation training course for Landcare members
  • Growing Landcare Leaders workshop 
  • Sustainable Grazing workshops
  • Soil health and composting workshops
  • Sustainable horse property management program 
  • Cattle nutrition workshops
  • Managing creek and gully erosion field day
  • Information sessions on Best Management Practice for Commercial Turf Production at the Turf Qld members workshops
  • Fire Property Management Planning training
  • 7 natural resource management workshops across South East Queensland, ranging from grant writing to restoring habitat.
  • Supporting 5 speakers at the 2012 QLD Landcare Conference in Brisbane
  • and much more...

Carbon Farming Initiative

One of the key roles of the Regional Landcare Facilitator is to communicate with landholders about the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI).

The Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) is an initiative of the Australian Government to help reduce and off-set Australia’s carbon emissions. It has the potential to provide opportunities for farmers and landholders to generate carbon credits and sell them via a carbon market. Potential opportunities for farmers in SEQ are in building soil carbon (and hence health), reducing carbon emissions (via more sustainable farming practices) and sequestering (storing) carbon in trees.

For more information about the CFI click here.

Contact details

Apanie Wood

P: 0448069226