Growing a new Community Nursery Network


A recent community nurseries day held at Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee’s (B4C) Sustainability Centre generated more activity than expected.

Representatives from 12 community nurseries from across the region attended the day to hear about what’s happening in the community nursery ‘scene’ of South East Queensland.

Attendees heard from Paul Ryan from the newly formed Paten Park Native Nursery. Paul took a leading role in forming the new nursery at the Gap following the departure of Greening Australia from the site. The amount of support the group generated from the local community to continue the nursery at the Gap was remarkable.

A tour of the nursery at the Sustainability Centre with Leigh Weakly from B4C was a highlight for many and generated plenty of enthusiastic discussion on how to best control moss, recycle water and how much you should pay for good quality potting mix. Leigh, like Paul before him, highlighted the importance of keeping volunteers busy and happy with the 3 F’s of volunteering “Friendship, Flexibility and Food”.

A talk from Phillip Moran from Noosa and District Landcare Group provided a great example of how community nurseries change over time. Phil oversees the operation of three community nurseries on the Sunshine Coast which produce more than 100,000 plants each year.

It may now be daunting for those considering starting up a small community nursery, but Noosa and District Landcare Group also grew from small beginnings. Their first nursery, established in 2000, featured one small shade tunnel and an outside loo.

A panel session which included representatives from Moggil Creek and SOWN nurseries generated some animated discussion about how we can all better share resources and knowledge in the future.

With this aim, an action was agreed upon by all those attending to form a new Community Nurseries Network for the region, with support from Brisbane Catchments Network, SEQ Catchments and the South East Queensland Regional Landcare Facilitator. While still a small seed, it is expected that the Network will grow over time and “explore mutual benefits of sharing knowledge, techniques and methods and improve cooperation and communication between its nurseries and their members”.

If you missed the day and would like to hear more about the network or join up, please contact Apanie Wood on

This community nursery day was funded by What’s your nature?, an initiative delivered through a joint partnership with SEQ Catchments, Brisbane Catchments Network and its 11 member catchment groups, Jagera Daren Cultural Heritage Body, Brisbane City Council and Queensland Urban Utilities, through funding from the Australian Government and the South East Queensland Regional Landcare Facilitator.